Reasons why You Need Window Tinting Film for Your Home and Car


Car theft incidents that involve smash and grab is rampant in major cities in South Africa such as Pretoria and Johannesburg. While your level of vigilance may be extremely high, you can still be a victim. It happens mainly when the car is parked or slow moving in a jam. Also, homes that have clear windows with valuables close are likely to be broken into.  As such, tinting car windows in South Africa is important.

While driving, you can be alert at all times, keep the doors locked and even conceal your valuable. The same case applies to your home but ends up having the windows smashed and valuables missing. This is where window tinting comes in.

Smash and grab tinting is usually a film that’s tinted to obscures the view of your vehicle and home interior. It varies in thickness and strength with the prices increasing as it gets thicker and robust and hence more protection. For better protection, consider 200-micron two-play system for your safety window tinting

Vehicle window tinting in South Africa and home window tinting helps to prevent people from seeing the inside through the windows. In most cases, a thief shatters the window of a car or home when it has no window tinting film and they can see something they can reach without the trouble of opening the door. Besides, it acts as a reinforcement for the windows such that they cannot shatter easily. Window tint installers in Pretoria will fix it such that even if thief hits the window with an object, it won’t give way easily giving you time alerting you or even your neighbors.

Also, window tinting film Pretoria helps to keep out the excessive heat during the summer season. That keeps your car and house cool. There’s no more getting drenched in sweat when returning to work.


What’s more, window tinting blocks the UV rays known to be a leading cause of skin cancer and an aging booster. With window tint, you block the harmful rays by up to 99%.


Anti-smash and grab prices for cars and home window tinting prices will depend on a few factors. For examples, the size of your car will determine the anti-smash and grab prices. Besides, how protective the window film is will impact on the price. Just because a film can protect from UV rays and cannot shatter does not mean that it’s a smash and grab film. Check car tinting prices for various South African window tints installers.

For smash and grab tinting johannesburg, finding installation companies is simple. To be specific, you can find smash and grab tinting in Pretoria and Johannesburg online so they can install the window film for you.s


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